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Flight schools in Spain

Welcome to the Aviation! We provide information about our instrument courses , commercial pilot courses, multi-engine, flight instructor, and tailwheel – We have One of the Most Moderns Aircrafts and Flight Simulators in flight schools in Spain. If you are looking for a flight training Europe. You can visit our website for more info.

Commercial pilot courses
in Spain

Commercial pilots courses in our flight pilot school in Spain.

One of the largest training centres in Andalusia. Our commercial pilot courses, Private pilot course, atpl course, as well as aeronautical services, charter company and catering, guarantee us as such. Commercial pilot and Private Pilots courses.

Years of experience in the aeronautical sector. Therefore, we have become an excellent benchmark for national and international airlines.

As a result, our school of pilots is one of the best valued at international level, having students from all countries studying with us.

Especially relevant is that our Commercial pilot promotions, are nationally known for being able to carry out all the training within the more than 1000 square meters of facilities, containing in them, the flight simulators , simulators of Cabin, Ratings for Boeing 737 and Airbus A320.

Please note that we are Air Company (AOC), handling agent and last generation simulator manufacturers, all homologated by EASA and EASA.